Five Good Reasons To Buy A Used Semi Truck

13 December 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you're in the market for a new semi truck, you already know the many advantages of branching out and becoming an owner/operator rather than working for someone else's trucking firm. You can choose your own hours, choose your own clients and keep a larger percentage of the revenue. Having the right rig is critical...and expensive. One good way to help manage the cost is to buy a previously-owned semi. However, saving money is just one of many good reasons for purchasing a used rig.

Benefits to buying a used semi truck

1. Less upfront cost. The chief reason for buying a used semi is that used trucks cost less than the same model right from the manufacturer. Another way of looking at this is that you can get more truck for your money by buying a used model. In addition to saving on the purchase price, you'll also pay less in sales tax.

2. Insurance savings. Since the value of a used semi is less than the same model purchased new, your insurance will generally be less expensive.

3. Less depreciation. As with automobiles, you lose much less value when you drive a used semi off of the dealer's lot than when you buy new. Used vehicles, in general, don't depreciate as quickly as new ones. That means when it's time to trade in your rig for a new one, you'll be able to recoup a larger percentage of the original purchase price than you would with a new truck.

4. No pricey extras. New semis on the showroom floor often come with a suite of expensive, flashy options that you may not want or need. When you buy a used truck, you can look around for the one that has only the options you want. You're also in a better position to negotiate the price for these options when you buy used.

5. Proven track record. Like automobiles, occasionally you'll find a truck with defects from the manufacturer. When you purchase a used semi, you know that the vehicle has a proven road record and isn't a so-called "lemon." You can also check the previous owner's maintenance log to see how well the truck has been maintained.

While buying a used commercial truck isn't the right choice for every owner/operator, buying used can help you save money upfront, reduce your insurance payments, limit the depreciation and give you the opportunity to choose only those extras you need. Look at dealers, like, for trucks in your area.