4 Benefits Of Changing Your Transmission Fluid On Time

4 August 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

It is easy to forget that your vehicle has types of fluid other than oil that need to be changed. If you want to keep your vehicle running well, you also need to change out your transmission fluid as recommend in your owner's manual. Many owner's manuals suggest changing the transmission fluid anywhere between 20,000 to 40,000 miles; make sure to check your manual in order to know what the correct mileage is for your vehicle. Here are four of the benefits that you will experience when you change your transmission fluid as recommended: 

Prevents Your Engine From Failing 

If you never change the fluid inside of your transmission, over time it will become contaminated with debris. The fluid in your transmission will become thicker, and will not be able to travel properly through your engine. This process is generally referred to as your transmission fluid "turning black" due to all the build-up that occurs. This can cause your vehicle's transmission to fail due to a lack of proper lubricants.

Keeps You Safe On The Road

When you fail to change your transmission fluid and allow old transmission fluid that is full of debris to circulate throughout your transmission, you can experience a host of problems that could compromise your safety, such as:

  • your vehicle refuses to switch gears while driving
  • your vehicle could slip from one gear to another unnecessarily while you are driving
  • a delay between when you press on the gas and your vehicle accelerates

All of the issues listed above are caused by contaminated transmission fluid and can be easily avoided by changing your transmission fluid on schedule. 

Increases The Efficiency Of Your Engine

When you have clean fluid in your transmission, your transmission will not experience any of the issues listed above. In fact, your transmission should run a lot smoother since the fluid inside of it is clean and new. Additionally, your transmission will not have to work as hard when you change the fluid on schedule. This will help you use less oil in your engine and will also help you save money on gas due to an increase in your fuel economy. 

Saves You Money

In the long run, changing your transmission fluid on schedule will save you money. If you change your transmission fluid on a regular basis, the parts inside of your transmission will run more smoothly. It can be expensive to repair your transmission and even more expensive to replace your transmission. The easiest way to avoid costly repairs to your transmission is to keep up with regular maintenance by changing the fluids on schedule.

If you have been debating if you should change your transmission fluid or not, stop debating and schedule an appointment with your mechanic to change your transmission fluid today. By simply changing your transmission fluid, you will increase your fuel economy and will prevent serious and costly transmission issues from developing. 

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