Considerations To Make When Buying A Used Car Engine

17 June 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Are you interested in buying a used car engine, but are not sure what things to keep in mind whilst doing so? By familiarizing yourself with the top points of consideration, you can increase your chances of buying a used car engine that will provide good performance. With that thought in mind, here are the top things to consider when seeking out a used car engine:

Check The Parts Of The Engine

The first thing you should do when buying a used car engine is to check that all the engine components are actually there. There are a variety of parts that are used to create the combustion process, which are as follows:

  • Slump: This is a compartment that houses the oil used for lubrication.
  • Connecting rod: The component that creates a connection between the piston and crankshaft.
  • Crankshaft: Causes the up and down motion of the pistons to be circular.
  • Piston rings: allows exhaust fumes and the air-gas mixture to be sealed.
  • Piston: Allows the gasses to be compressed and pushes any exhaust fumes out of the system. They have the construction of metal cylinders, and are housed inside the cylinder sleeves.
  • Valves: There are two types of valves – intake and exhaust. Intake ones allow air and fuel to enter, whereas the exhaust ones provide an escape point for exhaust fumes.
  • Spark plug: The combustion process is initiated by the spark plugs.

Old Engines Can Be Reliable

Buying a used car engine does not mean that it will be of poorer quality than a new one. In fact, a case can be made that a used engine is better than a new if it has been proven to be reliable. However, make sure to look for an engine that has a relatively small amount of mileage. That's because even engines that have proven to work well, will still deteriorate with usage.

Background Information

Ask the seller if the warranty for the engine is still in effect. This protects you in the event that the engine wears out after only a short period of use. Furthermore, make sure to inspect the type of repairs that the warranty covers.

You'll also need to get background information on the type of car the engine has been used for. This information can be used to figure out if the engine in question will be compatible with your car. Therefore, acquire the sellers car VIN number, production date and engine code. If you need more help, contact a used auto parts dealer to learn more.