How To Keep Your Baby Cool When Your Car's AC Stops Working

17 December 2014
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When you call an auto repair shop to make an appointment for car repairs, you may have to wait a couple days before they can offer the services your car needs. If your air conditioning is not working in your car, it could be a miserable couple of days, especially if you have a baby or small child. Here are a few tips to help you keep your child cool during car rides while you wait for your appointment at an auto repair shop.

Park In The Shade

Where you park your car has a lot to do with the temperature inside the vehicle. When you are not using your car, try to park in areas that are shady. Parking in direct sunlight will make your vehicle extremely hot on the inside, and this is not good for a baby.

You can also purchase reflective shades to place in the windows of the car when you are not using it. These shades can cover the front windshield and the back window, and they are designed to keep the sunlight and heat out of a vehicle.

Pack Things To Stay Cool

When you need to go somewhere in your car, you may want to pack extra things to take with during your car ride, and here are some ideas:

  • Wet washcloths – Cold, wet washcloths are great for hot car rides because you can place them on your baby's head, cheeks, or arms. They will help your baby stay cooler and more comfortable.
  • Spray bottle – You can purchase fans that have water spray bottles attached to them. These are also great for staying cool, but they tend to work better for older children.
  • Car seat shade – If you are really worried about your child, you could purchase a shade that fits around the car seat. This will keep the direct sunlight off the baby during car rides.

You may also want to limit the time you spend in the car. If you can skip making a trip out during this time, you might want to consider this.

Set Your Vents Properly

According to CNET, there is a proper way to set your vents during the hot months that may help you stay cooler. This method involves turning off the vents that blow air from the defrost vents and the shoulder vents. Instead, turn on the feet vents only.

If you open your windows and turn on the feet vents, the hot air from the bottom of the car will leave the car. This will keep fresh air circulating inside the car, even when your AC is not working.

These tips may help you survive a few days without your air conditioning, and they may help your baby stay more comfortable during car rides while you wait for your appointment with an auto repair shop like Aamco Transmissions & Auto Repair.