Salvage Rescue: Four Tips To Help Get An Old Car Running After Sitting For Years

20 November 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you are a car person, you may dream of finding a gem in the rough and getting it driving again. Many cars can be found in salvage yards, but they may have some problems due to sitting for so many years, even though they may have been in driving condition before they were parked. There are some things that you have to do before getting your find on the road again. Here are some tips to help you get you salvage rescue ready for its first test drive:  

1. Changing The Fluids And Getting Water Out

Once you have found the car you want, you should be ready to get dirty. The first thing you want to do is change all the fluids in the car. You will want to change the oil, coolant, transmission fluid and repack grease in the rear end. Some of these parts can collect moisture, so you will want to make sure that there is not water and drain any if you find it.

2. Removing Old Gas And Flushing Tank And Fuel Lines

The old gas in a car can also cause a lot of problems when you go to start it. This is because it often contains debris and dirt. Remove all the gas and flush the tank and lines. If the old tank is deteriorating, you may want to consider replacing it with a new tank. In addition, check the fuel lines for any sign of problems and replace them if needed.

3. Changing Dried Rubber Hoses And Wiring

When a car sits for years, a lot of the rubber hoses and wiring can dry and crack. Replace all the rubber that has visible damage. The main rubber you will want to replace is the spark plug wires and the hoses that go from the radiator to the engine. These will be the most likely to fail once you get the car started, so it is generally a good idea to go ahead and change them.

4. Installing New Tires And Doing The Brakes Before Driving

Before you can even start driving, you want to make sure that you have good tires and brakes. Replace all the tires and do a brake job on the car before you drive it. You should change the pads and bleed the brakes to make sure they are working. In addition, check all the brake lines for any signs of damage and replace them if needed.

These are some tips to help you get a car back on the road after sitting in a salvage yard for years. If you need help with some of the bigger repairs, contact an auto repair service (such as Scotty's Automotive Center) to help you move forward with your project.