Common Car Troubles And What To Do About Them

12 January 2015
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you're like most people, you rely on your car to get you where you need to go. Unfortunately, however, no car is ever going to function perfectly 100% of the time. There will probably come a day when your car breaks down or experiences other problems. You can reduce the risk of a serious breakdown by having regular maintenance and "check-ups" performed on your car, but, even then, there are no guarantees. With that said, it's wise to be aware of the most common car problems and what you should do if your car happens to experience one of them.

A Bothered Battery

Car batteries are known for just giving out all of a sudden. There is rarely any warning that a battery is about to die. It often just dies. To keep yourself from getting stranded unexpectedly, have your battery checked each time you visit your mechanic and have it replaced if your mechanic thinks it's near the end of its life. Also avoid bad, battery-killing habits like leaving your lights or radio on when you're sitting in your parked car.

Check Engine Lights and Sensors

Usually, when the "check engine" light comes on, it's because your engine is in need of something. When the light comes on, stays on, and won't go off no matter what you do to your engine, however, there's a problem.

It could be that the sensor that detects engine needs is malfunctioning. It might also be that the light itself just got stuck in the "alert" position, or it could be some combination of both. Either way, you need to know when your engine is actually in need. Don't just guess and don't deal with the annoyance of a light that's constantly on either. Ask your mechanic to check out both the sensor and the light itself.

Troubled Tires

Tires can give out for any number of reasons. It could be that you drove over a nail and blew a flat. Or, maybe the air pressure was off and led to a flat or other problem. Whatever the case may be, it's always best to be prepared for tire-related problems by keeping a good, working spare in your vehicle. And, when you do have working tires, treat them with care. Patch any holes or leaks promptly. Keep them inflated to the appropriate air pressure and have them rotated and maintained as needed for best results.

If you can follow these tips and keep an eye on your car in general, you can lessen the frequency of breakdowns and other problems. Visit an auto parts store like Alma Imports for any of your auto part needs.